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Experience the Hunsrück mountains with no limitations

In the middle of the Rhineland-Palatinate, the Hunsrück mountains are a scenic gem. Discover the diverse flora and fauna in untouched natural landscapes. The fortresses, castles, churches and monuments tell the centuries-old tale of the region. The Erbeskopf in Deuselbach, at 816 metres, is the highest mountain in the Rhineland-Palatinate. The Hunsrück mountains are modest in height, but you can see well into the Hunsrück countryside from the Erbeskopf viewing platform. The Skywalk is also easily accessible on two or four wheels. On the way you'll pass through the summit sculpture "Windklang 816 M", which looks like an oversized window into nature.

Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park

There are already a few disabled accessible facilities in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. Additionally a wheelchair and buggy-accessible tour led by park rangers is available, with a Swiss-Trac wheelchair pulley on request, and an experienced National Park guide is at the ready. The park is constantly striving to expand the range.

Summit plateau and Sculpture Trail without limitations

The overlook on Erbeskopf mountain is disabled accessible, making it an experience for those with limited mobility as well. The mountaintop sculpture "Windklang 816 M," which resembles an oversized window into nature, produces a melody all its own whenever the wind grazes the treetops. Across the summit plateau, the comfortable and handicapped-accessible Sculpture Path leads to six further works of art. The circuit leads hikers past the lookout tower and back to the parking lot. From there, it's easy to stop in at the Hunsrückhaus at the foot of the Erbeskopf. Here you will find an interactive exhibit about nature in the Hunsrück and you can feel, smell, and hear the forest in the sensory garden. Since the Spring of 2015, the Hunsrückhaus has been the gateway to the new Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park and the starting point for guided ranger tours through the protected beech forests and fens; these tours are also designed to accommodate guests with limited mobility.

Excursion Tips

Fire Brigade Experience Museum (Feuerwehr-Erlebnis-Museum)

The Fire Brigade Experience Museum has something for every visitor - not just fire brigade fans. Here, various topics from the history of firefighting are vividly presented in over 1,000 square metres of exhibition space. Plus, there are many interactive exhibitions where visitors can learn all about firefighting hands-on. Among other things, visitors can experience first-hand how difficult firefighting once was, before the advent of modern technology. The Fire Brigade Experience Museum is easily accessible to those with limited mobility, as well as wheelchair Thalfang Centre for Health and Rehabilitation (Erholungs- und Gesundheitszentrum Thalfang)

Thalfang Centre for Health and Rehabilitation (Erholungs- und Gesundheitszentrum Thalfang)

The Centre for Health and Rehabilitation in Thalfang features a swimming pool for athletic events, a non-swimming pool, as well as exercise pools where therapy sessions are offered by appointment. Anyone in need of relaxation will feel welcome in the centre's sauna landscape, with its Finnish log-cabin sauna, dry sauna, steam room, and various relaxation spaces. The Centre for Health and Recuperation in Thalfang is easily accessible to those with limited mobility.


On the trail of master outlaw Schinderhannes

Even up in the Hunsrück Highlands, there are low-incline, paved cycling routes that are well-suited for athletic hand-bikers and wheelchair users. Among these is the Schinderhannes cycling trail. This is a winding, level stretch across the sprawling Hunsrück Highlands. It's the perfect route to ride by and take in the idyllic scenery of the Hunsrück countryside. The route follows the track of the former Hunsrück railroad from Simmern, passing through Kastellaun and heading onwards to Emmelshausen. You can find out more detailed information about the route, road surface and elevation profile from our tour planner.


Please note that there is an increase in the number of cyclists during peak season. We absolutely recommend that you do detailed research on the route and infrastructure before your arrival. We can also assist you with that!

Hunsrück excursion tips

Hunsrück excursion tips

Selected excursion tips for your visit to the Hunsrück