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Experience the Lahn Valley barrier-free

Starting in the Rothaar Mountains near Siegen, the River Lahn flows across over 242 km of idyllic nature, past cultural-historical sites and richly diverse landscapes before meeting the Rhine at Lahnstein. The banks of the Lahn are studded with relics of the Celtic and Roman periods. Picturesque towns welcome you for shopping and sightseeing.

The Lahn Valley is a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday, far-removed from industrialised, urban areas, yet just an hour from Frankfurt.

Excursion tips

Relaxing in the thermal wellness springs

The Emser Thermal Spring is one of the most modern and attractive thermal spring resorts in Germany. Here, visitors can treat themselves to a wide range of exercise and rehabilitation options in a unique atmosphere. The facility includes an exercise and therapy pool, a thermal pool, a jacuzzi and much more.

Plus, you'll find a range of sauna facilities and wellness treatments.


Touring the Lahn cycling route

Closely following the river's path, the Lahn cycling route is largely paved and is free of incline apart from the stretch between Balduinstein and Laurenburg. It's advisable to take the train for that stretch of the route. By wheelchair or handbike this is absolutely an unforgettable excursion into the tranquil river valley. Plus, the Lahn cycling route is one of the TOP 10 best-loved, long-distance biking trails in Germany.

You can find out more detailed information about the route, road surface and elevation profile from our tour planner.


Please note that there is an increase in the number of cyclists during peak season. We absolutely recommend that you do detailed research on the route and infrastructure before your arrival. We can also assist you with that!



Lahn Valley excursion tips

Lahn Valley excursion tips

Selected excursion tips for your visit to the Lahn Valley