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Experience the Nahe Region barrier-free

There's something sparkling at every turn in the Nahe Region. This valley is home to many varieties of precious stones and to the art of fine jewellery. The vineyards of the Nahe region also produce sparking wines that are renowned for their quality. The mild climate and unique soil conditions contribute to the unmistakable flavour of the Nahe Valley's wines. The region also includes well-established spa towns like Bad Kreuznach, Bad Münster am Stein-Edernburg and Bad Sobernheim which welcome you to enjoy their salt springs, radon treatments and the famous Felke cure.

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In search of precious stones

At the German Precious Stone Museum (Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum) in Idar-Oberstein and at the Historic Agate Mill (Historische Weiherschleife), located near the city gates, you can not only admire various precious stones and jewellery masterpieces, but also watch a working agate mill in action. Both museums are wheelchair-friendly. 

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On Winnetou's Path

At the open-air theatre in Mörschied, the annual Karl May Festival is held in June and July in front of the stunning natural backdrop of the Juchem quarry. These open-air performances always take place on the weekends and are accessible to people with limited mobility.

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Relaxing in Bad Kreuznach

The healing power of the saltwater baths in Bad Kreuznach has been praised since Celtic and Roman times. At the centre of the protected historical spa district in Bad Kreuznach, you will find the barrier-free Crucenia Thermal Springs on the banks of the Nahe. Relax in the 33-degree (C) thermal water, either indoors or outdoors, in the freshwater pool or in the quiet zones. If you prefer a bit more activity, then you can take part in one of the regularly scheduled water gymnastics courses.

The Crucenia Thermal Springs are easily accessible for wheelchair users and others with limited mobility.

Directly beside the Crucenia Thermal Springs you will find the Crucenia Health Centre (Gesundheitszentrum). Here you can enjoy a range of wellness and therapy treatments - the perfect way to round off your spa day.

Also adjacent to the Crucenia Thermal Springs is the Bad Kreuznach Kurpark, the town's main park. This is a perfect place to spend a peaceful afternoon. Stop by the nine-metre tall salt works at Salinental, and breathe in the pleasant, salty air that you normally only find at the seaside.

Another healthy highlight in Bad Kreuznach is the city's radon treatment centre named for former Counsellor of Health Dr. Jöckel. This facility is the only one of its kind in Europe, and its treatment provides effective and long-lasting pain relief. The radon bank is accessible to people with walking impairments.




Bicycle trolley tour through the Glan Valley

The bicycle trolley tour through the Glan Valley is a one-of-a-kind experience that is also available for wheelchair users. Wheelchair users can not only passively enjoy the ride, but also actively take part in it. To make this possible, a special hand pedal was installed in the bicycle trolley, which comfortably seats three. The tour starts in Staudenheim and travels over a former train track through Meisenheim and Lauterecken, ending in Altenglan.

Pedalling through the Nahe Valley on the Nahe cycling route

Stunning rock outcroppings, fabled castles, wine and bath culture along with many fascinating sights await you along the nearly 120-kilometre Nahe cycling route. This route starts at Bostal Lake, the source of the Nahe River, and runs all the way to the river's mouth at Bingen on the Rhine. The Nahe cycling route

Please note that there is an increase in the number of cyclists during peak season. We absolutely recommend that you do detailed research on the route and infrastructure before your arrival. We can also assist you with that!

Nahe Region excursion tips

Nahe Region excursion tips

Selected excursion tips for your visit to the Nahe Region