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Experience the Eifel region without limitations

The Eifel region - a region that is not only characterised by its "hot past", namely volcanic activities. But also by the green countryside with thick forests and unspoilt valleys with castles and monasteries. Extinct volcano cones and the blue crater lakes of the maars shape the landscape of the Vulkaneifel district. In the north you can explore the landscape with National Park rangers, in the Geopark Vulkaneifel there are disabled accessible discovery tours and the diverse range on practically incline-free former railway line-cycling paths provide an active enjoyment of nature.

The Eifel region is also an active member of the Limitation-free Travel Destinations Germany plc for the expansion of disabled accessible holiday destinations.



Eifel National Park

Wilderness, Woods and Water

The wilderness in Eifel National Park can be experienced up close amidst a landscape of forest and water. The slogan "Let nature be natural" applies to a majority of the overall acreage of around 110 square kilometres. Everyone should be able to experience the natural treasures of the national park. As a result, there is an increasing number of options in the national park region for people with and without disabilities.

here is a ranger-led tour that starts at the Kermeter rest area every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. The three-hour tour is free and available without registration. Certified forest guides lead fixed groups or individuals through the national park for a service charge. You can find more information on the options for disabled access on the national park website.

Excursion tips

Volcanic Activity in the Eifel Region

In the Vulkanpark Adventure Centre Terra Vulcania in Mayen, you can learn about volcanic activity in the most extraordinary way. The "SteinZeiten" exhibit doesn't just deliver dry information, but instead guides the visitor through a stone quarry from the viewpoint of a stonemason. A special experience for people with disabilities too.


Adrenalin pur am Nürburgring

Im ring°werk, dem großen Indoor-Themenpark am legendären Nürburgring, dreht sich alles um das Thema Motorsport. In verschiedenen Simulatoren und Fahrgeschäften wird Adrenalin pur getankt. Gehen Sie auf eine Reise in die Welt des Motorsports und testen Sie die zahlreichen Attraktionen, die das ring°werk zu bieten hat. Der Besuch ist für Groß und Klein sowie Menschen mit Mobilitätseinschränkungen ein tolles Erlebnis.

Top-class wellness experience

You'll find relaxation in the Vulkaneifel thermal baths in Bad Bertrich, a top-class wellness experience. The Vulkaneifel thermal baths harbour the only Glauber's salt thermal baths in Germany. Relax during a bath in the thermal pools, de-energise from the daily grind in the diverse sauna area, rest in the fireplace lounge or boost your vitality through different treatments. The Vulkaneifel thermal baths are ideally suited for people with limited mobility. Additionally, there are water lifts available.


Eifel and a low incline? You're asking yourself how they go together? Quite simply, in the Eifel region there are various cycling paths that are former railway lines, which as a rule have an incline of under four percent. Therefore you can travel by handbike, walker and wheelchair or simply go for a walk, even in the Eifel region.

The Eifel-Ardennes cycling path connects the German Eifel and the Belgian Ardennes regions with a decommissioned railway line. The Eifel-Ardennes cycling path runs from the old abbey town of Prüm to the Belgian city of St. Vith for a total of 36 kilometres through the German-Belgian national park. You can find out more detailed information about the route, road surface and elevation profile from our tour planner.


The Maars-Moselle cycling path makes the easiest connection between the Vulkaneifel region to the Moselle, because it runs downhill for its entire length on former railway lines from Daun to Lieser. Thus, you'll want your direction of travel to run from Daun to Lieser. It is the ideal and convenient route by which you can get to know the Vulkaneifel region, passing by viaducts, bridges and through tunnels. You can find out more detailed information about the route, road surface and elevation profile from our tour planner.


Please note that there is an increase in the number of cyclists during peak season. We absolutely recommend that you do detailed research on the route and infrastructure before your arrival. We can also assist you with that!

Eifel accommodation

Eifel accommodation

Accommodation options in the Eifel region

Eifel Excursion Tips

Eifel Excursion Tips

Selected excursion tips for your Eifel holiday