Westerwald – glorious countryside and clear air

Grünes Tal

Although it lies relatively close to the Rhine-Ruhr and Rhine-Main conurbations, you cannot help but feel that you are out in the middle of nature in the Westerwald. Refreshing river valleys, high-altitude plateaus with glorious views and dark green forests are punctuated with romantic small towns with historic town centres, like Herborn, Hachenburg, Montabaur and Bad Hönningen. Accessible tours around the medieval village of Hachenburg are also available. Visitors with a disability can also experience wild boars, European bison or llamas in the wildlife park in Bad Marienberg. 

Keramikmuseum in Höhr-Grenzhausen

Ceramics play a key role in the southern Westerwald: the centre of Germany's ceramics industry is located in the Kannenbäcker region around the town of Höhr-Grenzhausen. The Education and Research Centre, with its wealth of ceramics, is the largest in Europe. The Westerwald Ceramics Museum in Höhr-Grenzhausen provides information about ceramics in the past and present under one roof over a fully accessible area of some 2,500 m². The exhibits range from early salt-glazed Westerwald stoneware and the more grandiose Renaissance and Neoclassical style vessels, to modern exhibits from the 1990s.

Stöffel-Park in Enspel

The Stöffel Park industrial heritage site is a former quarry and, apart from being an important fossil site, is also home to a unique ensemble of industrial buildings spread over a 140-hectare site. 25 million years of the Earth's history are brought to life in this unique 'treasure chest'. The mining and processing of basalt over a century can be experienced at first hand. Many areas of the site are fully accessible and can also be visited by people with limited mobility in their own private cars.  

Roman World at Caput Limitis in Rheinbrohl provides an insight into the history of the settlements in the region. The life of the Romans and the Germanic tribes along the Limes Germanicus frontier fortification forms the centrepiece of the interactive fully accessible exhibition. The English Rose Garden on Auf dem Herzenberg in Hadamar in the Hessian part of the Westerwald is simply the most perfect destination for an excursion in summer. Anyone looking for somewhere to unwind after all of these wonderful impressions is sure to find tranquillity in the indoor pool in Altenkirchen. It is fully accessible to wheelchair users and is definitely worth a visit – not just on wet days.

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