Palatinate – a Mediterranean atmosphere, almond blossom and mobility

There is a tendency towards world records in Palatinate. The inhabitants can proudly point to the largest pair of shoes in the world (size 247) in the German Shoe Museum (Deutsches Schuhmuseum) in Hauenstein, the largest tuba in the Musicians' Museum (Musikantenlandmuseum) in Burg Lichtenstein near Kusel and, at 30 metres long, the largest Saumagen sausage. They generally forget to mention that the climate is also world-class. The mild temperatures endow the region with an early spring filled with enchanting pink almond blossom and a long spell of magnificent autumn colour in the Palatinate Forest. The Romans brought the almond trees and the wine to the region with its Mediterranean atmosphere, which the inhabitants maintain carefully. Old vines and new creations is the approach taken to produce the top wines of the Palatinate.

Grünes Tal

The Palatinate town of Deidesheim on the German Wine Route scores particularly highly for its facilities for travellers with disabilities. They are already catered for on the way, which the Rhine-Neckar Transport Company makes as comfortable as possible with the increasing use of level-access trams on the Neustadt-Deidesheim-Bad Dürkheim route, which are designed to be easy to enter and exit.

Cittàslow Movement: Slow down for a better quality of life

Deidesheim is a Cittàslow town, a movement which advocates a slower paced and therefore better quality of life. The kerbs have been deliberately lowered in the town centre and 20 sensory play stations built in the Schlosspark. The tourist information centre has been moved to a new building designed for accessibility.

Vintners and gourmet restaurants have also addressed the issue of accessibility and designed their establishments so that it is possible for people with disabilities to buy their wine and enjoy a meal. Hard-surfaced roads through the vineyards make it easy to take a stroll with a pushchair or a wheelchair.

All the rooms in Hambach Palace can be accessed by lift. The "Up to the Palace!" exhibition uses media and interactive stations to give an entertaining account of its history. Guided tours through the Palace take place from April to October. They include a "Touching history" feature for people with impaired sight and the "Hambach Festival in plain language" for people with learning difficulties.

Frau im Rollstuhl isst mit Freunden im Restaurant

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